The Salt Spring Forum is truly a community organization in the sense that it is supported by people who live here. Local volunteers help us to host events, local businesses and organizations support our work in a variety of ways, and most crucially – many Salt Spring Island residents make tax-deductible donations to the Forum.

We are incredibly grateful to all those listed below for the generous contributions they made to support our initiatives – as well as to the Salt Spring Islanders who chose to give anonymously. Donations range from $5 to $10,000. People give what they can. Their support allows us to bring world-renowned thinkers and leaders to the island, while setting our ticket prices and fees at break-even rates to include as many islanders as possible in our discussions.

Donations large and small have helped to strengthen civil dialogue on the island, while supporting the good work of other local organizations at the same time. They have contributed to the development of conceived-on-Salt-Spring solutions to complex challenges. Above all they have helped to keep Salt Spring an interesting and intellectually vibrant place to live.

Thank you to our 2017 Donors:

A. Jean Elder
A. Wright
Audrey & Bob Wild
Barbara & John Taylor
Barb Archer
Betty Ball
Blair Carley & Mary Richardson
Brian Hayward
Claire Pickering
Chris & Diana Sanderson
D. Christine Witherspoon
David Hart

Dennice Stambuck
Douglas Wahlsten

Earl Rook
Eileen Wttewaal
Elizabeth May

Elizabeth White
Geoff Bartol & Ann Wheeler
Gregory Spendjian & Donna Cochran
Harold & Gladys Page
Helen Hinchliff

Hilda Spendjian
Holly & Tim Slaney

Irene Wright
Jane Armstrong
Jane McCoy & Geoff Dennis

Janet & Simon Wheeler
Janet Smith
Jim Erickson
Jim & Sheri Standen
J.N. Braithwaite
Joan Dickenson

Judy & Bob Weeden
Keith Cloete
Kent Mjolsness & Catherine Samson
Kevin & Nicola Bell

L. Gilkeson
Laurence Appleby
Leezee Porter
Linda Siegel
Lynne Raymond & Arthur Black
Margaret & Ron MacKenzie

Michael Butler & Robin Ferry
Nancy Farran
Nancy Wigen
Nighean Anderson
Paul G. Wolf
Peter Reiner

R. Bruce Logan
Ron Hawkins
Ruth Burstahler

Sharon Farquharson
Shelley Newmarch
Stan Shapiro
Stephen P. Roberts
Sue Hicks
Susan Evans & Ted Harrison
Ted & Loretta Dodds

Thomas Vikander
Victoria & Alex Olchowecki

Walter Stewart & Ron Dyck

Thank you to the Linda Siegel Charitable Foundation for the generous grant as well as to the dozens of donors who gave anonymously.