By Salt Spring Forum
Published in the Gulf Islands Driftwood, March 8, 2017, page 5

All-gender and gender-neutral signs are appearing on local single-stall bathrooms, including at ArtSpring, Salt Spring Coffee and in some of our public schools.

This is a very important change, since it represents increased acceptance, inclusion and safety for those who do not necessarily fall within the gender binary.

But in the United States, the Trump administration has just reversed protections from discrimination for transgender students, which had included allowing them to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their gender identity.

From non-binary people to pronouns to gender diverse children, the way we as a society think about gender is in transition. Some people are beginning to understand gender as a spectrum rather than as a binary.

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Aaron Devor Event Article - March 8 2017 Driftwood - Page 5